Professor of Play

Here at veemcdee we are big believers in the power of play. Playfulness is a crucial part of the creative process and we see for ourselves how high quality creative play enables children to flourish. Well, we are not the only ones who take play seriously. Cambridge University have now recruited a 'Professor of Play' to lead a team examining the importance of play in education globally.

Professor Paul Ramchandani, an expert in child mental health for Imperial College, will lead a team examining how play can support education, promote emotional wellbeing, and equip children with skills in problem-solving, team-work and self control. These work will be underpinned by research into measuring playfulness and understanding the brain processes involved. Here at veemcdee, we will be following the research with interest.

The new post is sponsored by The Lego Foundation – the toy company’s charitable division – and comes as part of a £4m grant given to the university to help establish the foundation’s centre for research on Play in Education, Development and Learning (Pedal).

Professor Geoff Hayward, head of the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University, said: ”This is an exciting area of research which we feel will throw new light on the importance of play in early education.“

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