Creativity Isn't Just a Nice Activity


Another interesting read. We see every day in the studio, what Paula Briggs observes and describes in her article from The Guardian in 2016.

That making, "transforms, connects and empowers."

There's a growing amount of evidence that shows making and creative play are key skills that our children need to nurture. She challenges the idea that it's just something 'nice' and explores why it is so important for children.

"It feels so fundamentally good and right to use our hands to manipulate materials – to use tools to extend our ability; to put stuff out into the world. The urge to alter our environment is part of our genetic makeup. The skill of making lies latent within all of us."

"We now know that creativity is good for the economy too. The UK creative industries generate £84.1bn a year and account for 2.8 million jobs. It’s the fastest-growing sector of the economy."

She concludes, "If we want a world full of innovative, entrepreneurial thinkers, we need to enable and sustain making from a very young age"

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